It’s gettin’ to be that time agian.
Progress on the new Baphomet, and a new Tar Fiend classified as “Bone Collector.” 
My finished Crusader, which is almost painful now since the only armor she’s still wearing at this point is Blind Faith. Regardless, here she is all done and painted up. I learned a lot from this one, and will sure as hell do some more in the future. 
Wow wow wow your art is amazing ?!

Haha, thanks a lot

Hello hello! Lately I’ve been really wanting to dig into Diablo and WoW, having been playing Diablo for a while and just starting my own WoW account. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to do commissions for the two games, or any really, that involve the same genre of weapon wielding mmorpgs. This is a wip example shot of my Crusader, Haphestia, my precious angel.
Well, I lost SAI for a while there, got a little worried, BUT I got it back, recovered my glory, and sat down and dropped out this right here. I’m missing all my Sugar Burn ladies/// I was thinking of some old Bloody Roar type animals here lol
Chrissy, Leah, and Veen are all fantastic artists and better people.
I’m going to start picking and choosing my instagram posts that I throw up here on Tumblr. I think I’ll put them together like this from now on, since they’re really just in progress shots and sketches.
This is Chrissy and I in our Sugar Burn attire and some creature thing.

Harley Quynn/// #harleyquinn #batman #tone #illustration #graphite #drawing #fanart

Done and done. Personally I’m really happy with this one. #halforc #toned #greyscale #illustration #drawing #prismacolor #markers #battleaxe #emsocs
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